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Michelle Ivey Jordan (Sadie)

began singing at the age of 7 years old.


During her young age she began singing in her church choir, performing the national anthema at rodeos and local events, and winning several singing contests near and around Dallas, TX.


2010 while singing in a band in Albuquerque, New Mexico she was offered a role as a police officer in a TV series.  After being noticed for her improvisation skills during a competition in Albuquerque, she won her first ever improv competition and won a trip to Los Angeles, Ca.


2013 she moved near Los Angeles, CA., she performed standup-comedy in an improv show at the Los Angeles Comedy Connection. She also participate with a group at the Comedy Store in Hollywood, CA.


With her acting well in hand, she turned her attention once again to her first


2013-May she published her first song "Razor Blades and Whiskey" Originally, written by Mitzi Dawn & Angelina Presley.

Michelle began working on the song until her first public video was released and since then has received over 17,000 views on YouTube.


She made it to the number #2 spot and continues to stay within the Top Ten on ReverbNation.

She was made number #1 in Nashville Universe.


2013 Michelle Ivey Jordan performaned at the "Friends Movement" for the Anti-Bullying Campaing in Palm Springs, CA.


2014 during the Elvis week she shared the stage with Blackwood Brothers.

Michelle performs during Elvis week and has been for the Last 3 years.


2014 Labor Day she opened for "Ronnie McDowell" in Jackson, MS. 


2015-June Michelle entered a world wide contest and won a 30 minute time spot in Nashville,TN. at the

CMA Festival as a featured artist.


2015-September she was nominated for "four awards" that was held by Country Blast Radio, world wide competition located in Nashville, TN.

She won Country Modern Female Song of the Year and continued to receive song of the year for the 2015 overall for her song Razor Blades and Whiskey.


2015-2016-September she performed at the award show that was showcased in Nashville, TN.. and was nominated in three category's


2016-Febuary she completed her album with Fifth Wheel Records.


2017 Michell and her husband, Jeff currently performs at Branson Center Stage.


2017 she has appeared on the Kevin Shorey show.


2017 currently, Michelle performs and tours with TJ and the TRUE JOURNEY BAND thoughout the USA.


From gospel to country, to acting and standup comedy, Michelle Ivey Jordan has a fan base that comes from all over.



Michelle was born in Dallas, Texas.

As a child, she displayed a lot of personality and enjoyed participating in her family's jam sessions.  During this time, it was her uncle who proved to be the strongest musical influence in her life.