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Patrick found his intrest in playing percussions at a young age by beating around on some old cat food buckets and tins. What a way to find the love and dreams of your life and future "The Drums".  


At the age of 15 Patrick joined his high school band.

Also, the High School Jazz Marching Band.


Patrick and his friends at school decided to start a rock band where he was able to learn his God given talent even more.


After graduating from high school, Patrick became the lead drummer for the local band

"Fuel Injection".

The band toured around the Southwest, Missouri area, playing festivals and events.

Over the years Patrick has played with quite a few bands around the area while increasing his knowledge and God given talent on the drums.


Patrick is one of the most honest and hard playing drummers around with an Exceptional and Hidden talent.

Patrick's love for the drums is expressed in these statements from him:


"Honestly, I Just Love To Play"!

"I Love Everything About It"!

"When I Play, I'm Living My Dream"!

"I Just Love To Play"!

Patrick expects nothing more out of music than just to play as mach as possible on stage anywhere.


With Patrick's feelings for the beat and music, he is sure to go far as a great drummer. 


The TRUE JOURNEY BAND is honorerd to have such a talented percussionist as there Drummer.