For you that haven't had the chance to know TJ for sometime, here are some facts that might intrest you.

Yes, it's true at the tender age of 4 years old TJ started his singing carear.


TJ has always been a true and faithful follower of God, and thats where it began.  In a small country church unknowingly where TJ first found his gift from God.


In December the church TJ attended had a sign up sheet for anyone to sing if they would like.  Well thats just what TJ did, signed up to sing at the next Sunday service only a week away.  TJ was only in preschool at the time and was just going to sing a song he had made up, but as we all know at that age there seems to be no end to a song.  So TJ on Monday decided to sing Come All Ye Faithfull, he didn't know the words or the song. But by Sunday TJ had memorized all the verses of this song, stood on the alter of the church and amazed the congregation when he sang. 

From that day on all TJ ever wanted for any birthday, holiday or event was to sing.  TJ then began singing at many churches and events around the area.


While at a church in Iowa TJ had the opportunity to meet and sing for David Phelps, the famous Christian singer, who had performed at Carnegie Hall in New York City. TJ asked him how he could sing there, David replied keep singing and don't give up, you have what it takes and you too will sing there.


TJ auditioned for the Carl Sandburg Children's Choir, TJ was excepted as a member, then was fortunate enough to travel to New York City and grace the stage of Carnegie Hall. One of TJ's prayes come true.


TJ would be at festivals where a band would be playing.  TJ would ask the band members if he could sing with them. Thats when TJ started sing country music and Johnny Cash became his role model in country music.


Now at age 8 TJ was asked to join the Illinois Country Music Association. Through this organization TJ competed and won the privilege to compete at the North American Country Music Association International, in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. This would be a turning point for TJ and his music.  While traviling through Nashville Tennessee, TJ went into the world famous Tootsies Orchid Lounge and asked if he could sing. They welcomed him on the front stage where many famous country artist performed. This was now another of TJ's prayers answered.


TJ had already been playing the piano, but learning the guitar was now on the top of his to do list. And thats what he did. TJ taught himself how to play the acustic guitar and in doing this expanded his talent and opportunities.


TJ returned to Nashville that same year and was part of a songwriters festival, where he was able to show off his talents at the young age of 10. Two years latter TJ was part of the CMA Music Fest and Fan Fair in Nashville, Tennessee.  TJ would return to both Pigeon Forge and Nashville over the next few years to compete and perform. Winning top honors.


Then at age 15 moved to the Nashville area to attend school and be a part of the music scene. This was a great learning experiance for TJ, he met and made many friends and contacts in the music industery, that he still has contact with to this day.  Many doors were opening for TJ and he was sure to be on his way to greatness.


But like so many, life sometimes seems to change the direction of what you do.  In 2011 Tj returned to his country home, to help care and look after his aging grandmother that he loves so much.  TJ knows in his heart and soul that God and family comes first.

TJ continued to play, write and sing when ever possible along with learning and playing a varity of instruments.


Now the tides have changed again and TJ has opened for country greats, Sahra Evans, Little Big Town, Thompson Square, David Nail and others.


TJ moved to Branson Missouri, in 2017 where he began performing in theaters, clubs and special events.  This has expanded TJs talent, experiance and exposure with the public and other artist. 


In reading this you may think TJ's life has been easy, but thats not the case. TJ was raised by his caucasian mother only, times were hard, but the music always shined a brighter light ahead.  While in the third grade TJ would be harased and bullied, by other children and adults because of the color of his skin. You see TJ is bi-racial and this was not something recieved well by many. This has cause TJ so much pain and saddness as a young child.  During TJ's 6th grade in public school things became so bad that TJ was homeschooled for his own saftey and mental outlook on life. 


This was just a short insight of TJ's life to see more on his accomplishments view his resume page.


Thank God for giving TJ an amazing singing voice and the love of music.  Music and God helped him through it all. When TJ sings, people stop, look and listen in total amazement.

Thank God for saving TJ and walking with TJ through lifes ups and downs.