TJ started writing songs at a young age of 9 years old. 

One of TJ's first songs written is "WILL I EVER KNOW", this song was a personel insite of a father that was never known. So the questions in the song portrays the feelings of a young child in wonder of who he is.


The song "TRUE COUNTRY BOY" is about how growing up in the country and experiences encounterd while living life.


When TJ wrote "NEW GIRLFRIEND" he wasn't writing about a girl. Even though you would think so listing to the lyrics of this song, until the very end, when TJ reveals it's about his new guitar. This is a cute fun song with a twist.


TJ has always been aware of what goes on in the world and how things work. This is why he wrote "PUPPET ON A STRING", an insite into how he saw the world and still is prominent today.


As TJ began to drive and because of the area he grew up in this next song really put into words the wildlife on the roads. "FRONT OF MY TRUCK" is a quite a ride.


"GIVE ME A CHANCE", the title says it all, especialy when you think of a young person trying to make a way and be heard in the music buisness. 


TJ's humor seems to come out in some of his writings and songs, like in the lyrics of 

"IT'S CHRISTMAS TIME". Not your normal Christmas song, but again a twist of what life could be. A funny song for sure.


Besides writing his own songs, TJ has also inspired many songs to be written. Other songwriters have heard and seen TJ, with that in mind had songs that would fit with TJ's sound and personality. These are a few that they felt was a good fit for TJ, "GOOD TRY COWBOY", "HONKEY TONK ROW", and "BABY LOVES HER PHONE".


This is just a small insite and view of many songs TJ has written. TJ continues to write about life and what it means to him, but like most all writers these are personal and meaningful lyrics to him, and also for others. They may just be for you as well.